“ad aquas”

At the Guest House “La Rocca” in Montefalco the “ad aquas” experience is born.
A peaceful and quiet place, able to donate relax and wellness. The ideal occasion for enjoying a refreshing break in a refined environment.
An intimate and peaceful SPA, nestled in a b&b immersed in the green of the beautiful Umbrian countryside, where you can give yourself a moment of tranquillity, harmonize your body and mind, and, if you are willing to, follow our suggestions in order to prevent and cure the signs of ageing.

Hammam Room
Take a litte bit of time for yourself….
In search of a deep physical and mental well-being, the SPA of the Guest House La Rocca has now been enriched by the “Hammam”.

Ancient body purification and cleansing ritual through the use of the steam, the Hammam is a rooted tradition that evokes the charm of Middle East.

Named “the silent medicine” for its stress-relief properties it stimulates blood flow, relaxes the muscles, eliminates toxins and extra body fluid, relieves muscular and rheumatic pain, reduces stress and psycho-physical fatighe, purifies respiratory tract cleanses the skin deeply.

“A city is incomplete without its Hammam”

Sauna and Beauty
Sauna of last generation. The deep heat cabin known as “infrared sauna”, more and more popular in the last few years, is a kind of dry heat bath that provides an immediate pleasant sensation and a sense of well-being.
Recent studies have shown how if compared to traditional saunas, this kind of cabin allows you to expel many more toxins and harmful substances for the body such as cholesterol, heavy metals, sodium, ammonia and uric acid, having as a result an authentical detox effect. It is also very effective in stress and sense of fatigue deletion, improving blood circulation and generating positive effects for those suffering from rheumatisms or lumbago. The heating process dilates the lymphatic ducts and enables the transpiration.

The sauna detoxifies in depth, making the skin more bright and clear and the tissues more flexible.

Massages and body treatments
Inside the SPA, enriched by relaxing music and a lighting that adapts to the needs of the treatment, you will find a personnel highly qualified and specialized in massages, beauty treatments and body treatments.


– Classic
– Draining
– Sportive
– Relaxing
– Decontracting

What’s new:

Hot Candle Massage
A special candle that donates hot and perfumed drops of ARGAN oil, able to moisturize the skin in a radical way.

Lefay Olive Oil Massage
Rediscover the harmony with this delicate Lefay Olive Oil massage with a relaxing and moisturizing effect.

The Bathtub
Abandon yourself to moving water’s gentle touch, that tones and release tensions.
Indulging in a bath is a pleasure both for your body and your mind. Our body is constantly trying to flourish, but wintery weakening is strong and facilitates the fatigue. This is an ideal and very pleasant treatment in order to detoxify and awake our organism is the hydro-massage. In fact, water’s temperature can help us to detoxify and purify our body, stimulating the circulating system and fighting the most apparent forms of blemishes

* * *
On previous request we will enliven your time of oil massages and aromatic baths with goblets of Sagrantino di Montefalco (unique and delicate DOCG red wine).